Why should you go in for quilting

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Here are some benefits of quilting:

  1. It increases the confidence of the quilter as they feel a sense of accomplishment and pride when they complete a piece of quilting. This helps to improve their self esteem and self confidence. There are also studies done which show that people get a huge boost in their self confidence as a result of quilting.
  2. It teaches people to persevere and that perseverance pays in the form of beautiful pieces of artwork which is created.
  3. When the quilt designs are intricate, based on their intricacies, you can use complex maths skills. This helps you to maintain your cognitive ability.
  4. When you follow any hobby even quilting, you can relieve your stress levels. This helps you to relax and clear your mind as well as it prevents you from mulling over your troubles
  5. Quilting when done with friends helps you to keep up your social skills and to maintain your old friendships as well as it helps you to make new friends. The increase of social skills helps you to be healthier.
  6. This helps you to relax your body as well as to decrease your pressure levels and to lower the cholesterol levels as well. This allows the person who quilts to be healthier and in a better physical condition.
  7. When you use colorful cloth pieces and those of bright colors, it helps you brighten up your mood.
  8. It allows you to be creative even if you are not a very artistic person


These are just some of the reasons why you should take up quilting.