Dark side of Fame- Real Life Experiences of Celebrity?

Fame and power is the thing before which we surrenders our life. While on media and magazines we adore the life celebrates are living, but the darker secret is that not always life of a celebrity is good. There are instances where celebrity have been under stress and pressure took extreme steps in their life. Also the ladder for success is also full of bitter and life changing experience. In case you only go by the factor of celebritynetworths than you are wrong as you have not seen what goes behind the curtain. Know more at celebritynetworths.org


Initial Sufferings

The ladder for fame and success in never easy. If people see talent in you they will try to exploit it for your own advantage. This is the biggest exploit each and every celebrity would have faced out in their life. Then comes the darker side, where in search of money and power people get distracted to wrong means of fame. Also comes the bad habits of drugs and other malice things which is not at all required by anyone of them.


The life after success is also not beautiful. Comes with it is a social pressure. People expectation increases from you along with your associates. Political bending is also required if you are at such ladder otherwise you would feel pressure at each and every step. The family is the biggest sufferer of our decisions. The tight schedule never allows a family visit or a time to enjoy with the family. Making a balance never works out for everyone and as such we see so many divorces and cases for Alimony going all over the world.

Rich and power is always a hot one to handle, and your hand will get burnt by it. Maturity lies in a balance and staying away from a wrong course.