The most famous and richest singer celebs in the world

Music is like a food for the soul to live and stay alive. Music provides support people and helps them to forget all pain of their life. Singling talent is by born quality. These qualities come since very beginning and stay alive till last breath.  Unfortunately very got this talent and they becomes the highest paid singer. The fortunate singer generates huge net worth. These become the richest celebrities across the globe.


We have done online research on and found some big names who are the richest singer. Their singing style is appreciated by many people. Here are the lists of such musician cum singer.

  • U2 – This agency has net worth of 195 million. They are getting most lucrative offer across the word. The U2 bands have sold tickets of $ 700 million in two years. More than 7 million people have booked these tickets.
  • Bon Jovi– This band has got net worth of $125 million. Just in 12 month this band has collected $200 million worth by playing 74 shows. This is an amazing band, and loved by many people around the world. It was opened in New Jerseys and had sold three consecutive concerts.
  • Elton John– The well-known singer Sir Elton John possess net worth of $100 Million. He has sold 250 million worth tickets and concert globally in past 30 years. He had done 102 live shows of worth $204 million.
  • Lady Gaga– I think everybody loves her singing and dressing style. Lady Gaga is the most famous singer in the world. She possesses net worth of $90 million. She has done 137 shows in 22 countries globally over the past 12 months. In just one year she earned $ 170 million.
  • Michael Buble- the Canadian singer has got net worth of $70 million.When he was 17 year old he won British Columbia Talent search.