Performance management- better working atmosphere

Performance management is an important process which helps the managers and workers to work together and achieve the goal of the company or the organization. Performance management is to effectively plan, monitor and review the aims and objectives of the workers objectives and their contribution to the organization. Performance management is the continuous process of setting the aims, objectives and goals of the companies. Proper training is givento the employees so that they can perform better and achieve the goals of the company. It also ensures that employees or the workers are meeting their objectives and achieving their career goals.


The fundamental aim of performance management is to guide, promote and improve employee effectiveness. An effective performance management system will include the following important points:-

  • Provide correct image ordescription of each employee’s performance
  • Make use of collective process to set the goals and review the performance
  • There must be two-way communication between the employee and manager
  • It should also include both positive feedback for a job well done and negative feedback when improvement is required to perform the job.
  • Properly monitoring and measuring the results and behaviors of the workers
  • Provide training and development opportunities for improving the performance of the workers
  • Develop proper means of communication between managers and workers so that the workers can understands what the company is expecting from them
  • It is important to provide continuous feedback on performance
  • Identify the areas of poor performance and make plans for improving the performance of the employees

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The establishment of an effective and proper performance management system requires time and resources. When developing a new performance management process, an organization can make a committee including the managers, workers or employees and the board members in order to understanding the requirements of the companies and the workers.

Management support to look upon the outcomes of the performance management process or system is also vital so that it can ensure that good performance is well recognized and appreciated and bad or inadequate performance should be punished or trained so that they can improve their performance.  The is one of the important platforms which provide this service.