Mark Zuckerberg a great entrepreneur

There had been a lot of entrepreneur which had shown their talent and their smart work along with the hard work. The people had been introduced with a lot of celebrities from various fields. Many of the entrepreneurs had been emerged during the people eyes. We have seen many great entrepreneur from various fields such as social media, engineer, physical, sports, film stars and many others. As the technology is evolving the mode of communication had been made advanced. People are now connected to the rest of the world by the means of various new technology era. We have been introduced with the great mode of connectivity.


Mark Zuckerberg one of the youngest entrepreneur

There were many modes of communication but one of the new and advanced mode introduced by mark Zuckerberg was the world changing innovative idea. His idea was to connect the whole world by the means of just one platform. This platform was the social media platform over the internet. On this platform user needs to create the account and search and connect with the various online friends. People can share the messages, photographs, videos and the feeling they are having at that time. Mark Zuckerberg had been one of the youngest entrepreneur of that time with the world’s most liked and great idea. This idea was known as the Face Book and later popularized as Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the well know celebrity with the celebrity net worth of $47 billion. The numbers are still increasing at the top. He lives this idea on the internet and attained the celebrity net worth at the age of 31 years. Mark Zuckerberg is among the seventh richest person in the list of the richest people on earth. People can find the most of the details from the