Returns on investment at Alistpartners

Interest rate

Alistpartners is the best option which can be chosen for the lending solutions. They offer loans for different types of solutions. Usually the loan term is 2 to 12 months and if the property is 5 unit plus or the mixed property then the longer term loans are also available. The interest rates usually range from 11 to 15% annualized and the interest is payable on the monthly basis. The loan to value is upto 70%. Usually the 70% purchase price and the repairs are provided on the total amount and the ARV never exceeds the 70%. The property types which are acceptable are the 1 to 4 unit, mixed use property, 5 plus property and the horizontal development.


They provide their services of funding of the private loans and the hard money loans in the Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and some other surrounding countries. There is no repayment penalty which is again an advantage of choosing this company as lending option. Usually when you choose the repayment option in the banks you are charged with heavy penalties which is not acceptable. The origination fees are 2% and the lender discount is 3%.uusallay the closing time frame is around 7 to 14 days after the final documents are prepared and submitted.


There are certain lending guidelines of the A list partners. They are not the one who funds the owner occupied property they strictly provide the loans for the business purpose. The loans require minimum amount documentation. They require only the title policy, insurance, inspection, appraisals etc. The construction like rehab and the other funds includes the escrow procedure and the money will be released in the draws. The money is released as per the renovation done and the as per the construction done on the property.